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On Street Parking Limitations



Ordinance No. 20-6-1                                                 Passed August 24, 2020

WHEREAS, The Mayor and Council find and declare that serious adverse conditions exist throughout the Village of Waynesfield, from motor­ vehicle congestion, particularly long-term parking of motor vehicles on the streets, or excessive numbers of vehicles owned by residents or local businesses parked on the streets;

AND WHEREAS, it is the intent of this ordinance:

(1) To reduce hazardous traffic conditions resulting from the excessive use of streets within the Village for on-street parking by businesses, residents and nonresidents;

 (2) To protect the Village and neighborhoods from polluted air;

 (3) To protect these areas and neighborhoods from excessive noise, trash and refuse caused by the entry of nonresident vehicles or excessive residents’ vehicles;

 (4) To protect the residents of the Village and visitors from unreasonable burdens in gaining access to their residences and local businesses;

 (5) To preserve the character of the Village;

 (6) To preserve the value of the property in the Village;

 (7) To preserve the safety of children and other pedestrians;

 (8) To encourage the use of off-street parking facilities;

 (9) To promote efficiency in the maintenance of the streets.

(10) To forestall dangers arising from the blocking of fire lanes, hydrants and other facilities required by emergency vehicles, both in reaching victims and in transporting them to hospitals; and

(11) For the peace, good order, comfort, convenience, and welfare of the inhabitants of the Village of Waynesfield and visitors thereto.

            BE IT THEREFORE ORDAINED, by the Council of the Village of Waynesfield, Auglaize County, Ohio, at least a majority thereto concurring:

 1. Each residential household within the Village may park up to two (2) vehicles titled to a resident of the household or leased to them in designated on-street parking areas.

2. Each business or legal entity, duly registered to do business in the State of Ohio, and owning real estate in the Village, separate from a residence, may park up to two (2) vehicles titled to it or leased to it in designated on-street parking areas.

 3. Any institution, such as a church, school, or hospital, located wholly or partially within the Village may park up to two (2) vehicles titled to it or leased to it in designated on-street parking areas.

4. A visitor may utilize on street parking only during the time a visitor is visiting with or working for the resident or business entity at the resident’s property or businesses located in the Village.

5. Nothing herein shall guarantee or reserve two spaces per property owner or business entity.

6. All vehicles must adhere to all state and local parking regulations.

7. The parking authority granted hereunder does not take precedence over No Stopping Zones, or any other temporary or permanent no parking zones posted by the Village for snow removal, street sweeping, bus stops, utility work, or other no parking, stopping or standing regulations.

 8. These restrictions shall not apply to any marked Village of Waynesfield, Government vehicle or a marked emergency vehicle.

9. Exemptions: The following vehicles shall be exempt from the parking restrictions imposed, as set forth herein:

(1) Any vehicle, including but not limited to, a clearly­ marked delivery, emergency utility or service vehicle with appropriate commercial license plates, which is under the control of an individual providing service to a property located within the Village, while actually engaged in making pick­ups or deliveries of goods, wares, or merchandise from to any building or structure within the Village, or rendering emergency service to a resident within the Village. Identification of such vehicle is the responsibility of the driver of such vehicle.

(2) For purposes of this ordinance, service or delivery vehicles, including moving vans or trucks, that must be parked within the VILLAGE for longer than 24 hours must obtain permission of the Village Police Chief. However, no parking is allowed on sidewalks, grass, or any non­-parking areas.

10.  If any provision of this ordinance as now or later amended or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application.

11. The owner of the vehicle parked in violation of this Ordinance shall be liable for the violation.

12.  Any violation of this Ordinance shall be deemed a minor misdemeanor. Each day a violation continues, shall be a separate offense.  In addition, any violation which continues for more than 24 hours, or violations by the same vehicle more than twice during any 30 ­day period, or violations by the same vehicle more than three times during a calendar year, shall be deemed a fourth degree misdemeanor and shall cause the violating vehicle to be towed and the owner thereof shall be responsible for the towing charges.


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