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Village Ordinances

The Village of Waynesfield operates under several legal codes. The United States Constitution, Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Basic Code and local ordinances. In an effort to inform the public on some of the ordinances in force within the Village of Waynesfield, there will be several ordinances posted on this site.

***Please keep in mind that the ordinances listed on the website are re-typed versions and a summary of the ordinance. The information listed is UNOFFICIAL. For an official copy, please contact 419-568-4991, option 3, to make a public records request and receive your copy.


ATVs-Snowmobiles                                                         Tree Trimming

Barking Dog                                                                      Unclean Habitations


Junk Vehicle

Litter Prohibition


Motorized Bicycle


Open Burning


Tall Grass

Parking Limitations On Roadways