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Good Neighbor Award

“Good Neighbor Award”

In an effort to promote community involvement and civic pride, the Waynesfield Police Department has created the “Good Neighbor Award” to recognize outstanding individuals who contribute to moving the Village of Waynesfield in a positive direction.

This recognition will be awarded to an individual or individuals who go above and beyond daily tasks to help someone within the Village of Waynesfield. Winners need not be residents of Waynesfield if they positively impact someone or something within the village limits. For example, if a resident of a nearby town decides to come into Waynesfield and pick up litter, he or she may be eligible for the “Good Neighbor Award”.

There is not a nominating process as the discretion of the winner is left up to the Waynesfield Police Department, but suggestions as to who – along with why the person should be chosen – may be made to Police Chief Nathan Motter by emailing him at wpd900@bright.net, sending a private message on the Police Department’s Facebook page, or by calling 419-568-9080 and leaving a voicemail.

Recipients of the “Good Neighbor Award” will receive the following:

1) A gift certificate to a local business
2) A certificate of appreciation
3) Their picture and brief biography featured in the Village’s Municipal Building, on the village’s website, and police department Facebook page
4) An acknowledgement at a village council meeting

If you would like to make a donation in the form of a gift certificate to a business, please contact Chief Motter at the above information.

The “Good Neighbor Award” will be announced on the Waynesfield PD Facebook page when it is awarded.

*Village of Waynesfield elected officials and employees are NOT eligible for the “Good Neighbor Award”.

Past winners of the “Good Neighbor Award”

Third Quarter 2015 – Mr. Randy Collins

Fourth Quarter 2015 – Mr. Tom Brookhart

First Quarter 2016 – None awarded

Second Quarter 2016 – Muchinippi Flower Club

Third Quarter 2016 – None

Fourth Quarter 2016 – Mr. Al Gill and Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds Inc.

2017 & 2018 – No Good Neighbor Awards were given

First Quarter 2019 – Mrs. Jill Spencer