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What is the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) on my utility bill?

You will see a PCA charge on your utility bill each month that is sometimes a charge and sometimes a credit (or a negative amount). But what is the PCA?

Also known as an Energy Cost Adjustment or Fuel Cost Adjustment, the PCA is essentially a line item on your bill that changes each month due to the changes in the cost of fuel for generation. This is NOT a change in your electric rates, but a change in the amount of the fuel used to generate the electricity we use. Some of your electricity is generated by burning coal or natural gas, and the cost of the fuels changes on a monthly basis. The PCA line item on your bill passes these costs on to you and is not something the village generates any extra revenue from.

So, in summary, if the costs of generating electricity is high one month, then the PCA will be a charge. If the costs of generating electricity is lower one month, then the PCA will show as a credit on your bill.



BE IT RESOLVED, by the Council of the Village of Waynesfield, County of Auglaize, State of Ohio that due to rising costs for the purchase of electricity by the Village, the rates for the Village customers will be raised from 8 ½ cents/KW to 9 ¾ cents/KW or a raise of 1 ¼ cents per KW to be effective on 6/26/09.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from the earliest period allowed by law.

 VOTE: Kaufman, yes; Chiles, yes; Dulebohn, yes; Knox, yes; Luma, yes; Wilson, yes

Adopted:  June 22, 2009





(Power Cost Adjustment)


Power Supply Cost Adjustment. The Village’s electric rates and charges are based upon a Base Power Supply Cost of $0.06000 per kWh. In the event that said average power supply costs per kWh is above or below $0.06000 per kWh, the Village’s Electric Rate Schedules will be adjusted as specified below:


  1. Each month, the Village’s running three month average Power Supply Cost per kWh shall be determined by dividing the (1) the sum of the most recent three months’ total power supply costs from all suppliers, including costs associated with ownership and operation of generating facilities owned in whole, or in part, by the Village, developmental costs associated with future power supply resources, transmission related charges and ancillary service fees, by (2) the total energy delivered to the Village during the same three month period.
  2. If said three-month average Power Supply Cost per kWh is above or below the Base Power Supply Cost of $0.06000 per kWh, the rates per kWh set forth in Village’s Electric Rate Schedules shall be increased or decreased in the manner specified in (iii) & (iv) below.
  3. Any increase or decrease per kWh above or below the Base Power Supply Cost of $0.600 per kWh shall be determined to 4 decimal places and any resultant differential shall be multiplied by 1.13 to compensate for Village’s Distribution System Energy Losses.
  4. The resultant Power Supply Cost Adjustment determined pursuant to (iii) above shall be applied to the kWh billed for all electric customers.


This ordinance shall be in full force and take effect at the earliest date provided by law.


1st Reading                                2nd Reading                    3rd Reading

05/23/11                                    06/27/11                        07/25/11


Kaufman  –  yes                         Knox  – yes                    Luma –  yes

Knox        –  yes                         Jerew    – yes                  Knox  – yes

Jerew        – yes                         Kaufman – absent          Jerew – absent

Luma        –  no                         Luma      –  yes                Kaufman – yes

Traucht     – yes                        Traucht   –  yes                Traucht – yes

Wilson     –  no                         Wilson    –  yes                Wilson – absent