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Open Records


Consistent with the premise that government at all levels exists first and foremost to serve the interests of the people, it is our mission and intent to at all times fully comply with and abide by both the spirit and the letter of Open Records and Open Meetings Acts.

Resolution 07-10-5 and Statement of Principles

In order to accomplish the mission of fully complying with both the letter and spirit of Open Records and Open Meetings Acts, we do hereby adopt the following statement of principles.


•Will enact a formal Resolution memorializing the mission statement;
•Will ensure that all personnel become and remain fully trained in and aware of the provisions of the acts;
•Will adopt policies that encourage employees to immediately report incidents of non-compliance with the acts that they observe;
•Will do nothing that abridges the public’s right to obtain information about their government or that inhibits or discourages citizens from doing so;
•Will do everything possible to aid those who are seeking information, including but not limited to, fully explaining the scope and operation of the acts, and assisting citizens in the formulation of requests;
•Will construe the provisions of the acts in a manner that favors compliance with requests for information;
•Will seek guidance from the office of the OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL whenever a question arises about the application of the acts or about the appropriateness of a request for information;
•Will clearly and concisely state the reasons why a request for information has been denied;
•All records of this office are public unless they are specifically exempt form disclosure under the OHIO REVISED CODE;
•It is the policy of this office that, as required by OHIO LAW, records will be organized and maintained so they are readily available for inspection and copying;
•The requester must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the public office to identify, retrieve, and review the records. If better clarification is needed, the records custodian must contact the requester for clarification and see if the request can be revised by informing the requester of the manner in which the office keeps its records.
•The requester does not have to put the request in writing, and does not have to provide his or her identity or the intended use of the requested public record.
•Public records are to be available for inspection during regular business hours, expect holidays;
•Public records must be made available for inspection promptly. Copies of public records must be made available within a reasonable period of time. A time frame for the receipt of public records should be given.

COST OF COPIES: $0.15/PER COPY MAILED COPIES: actual cost of mailing