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Under the direction of the Village Administrator, the street department is responsible for keeping the village streets and alleys in the proper condition, making sure street lights are functions, streets are clean for rain water removal, making sure appropriate signage is placed, and many other aspects people sometimes take for granted.

The village street department also has a brush pickup program. To see the guidelines for the brush pick up click here.

To reach the street department, please call 419-568-4991, option 5.


Brush Pickup Program Guidelines for Residents

Brush pickups will be the second Monday of each month beginning in May and ending the second Monday in September.

Brush must be curbside by 7 a.m. the Monday of pickup. Failure to do so will result in the brush not being picked up.

The village’s workers will make a single “clean sweep/one time pass” of the entire village, and depending on the weather and workload, your brush may be curbside for more than one day. As the workers go down your street picking up brush piles and pass your property they will not return to pick up brush that was not out when they originally passed or was rejected because of prohibited items (see below for items not permitted).

Only brush piled at the curb/street will be picked up. No brush will be picked up in alleys or driveways.

Please observe the following rules when placing materials out for collection:

* Brush is defined as debris that comes from trees such as branches and small limbs. No leave.

* Only brush that comes from your property within the village limits is accepted.

* Brush up to 6-inches in diameter is acceptable in lengths not to exceed 8-feet and piled no higher than 4-feet or wider than 6-feet. Please do not block sidewalks or have piles in the street.

* Brush greater than 6-inches in diameter cannot be accepted. Larger brush including stumps is the responsibility of the homeowner.

* Avoid cutting brush shorter than needed as fewer pieces are less handling for crews.

* Lay brush in piles at the curb with the branches laying parallel to the street. All branches should be laying the same direction.

* There is a time limit of approximately 15 minutes per property, and if an excessive amount of brush is encountered at a property, the village may not be able to pick it all up in one month’s collection period.

* Please do not put brush at the curb any sooner than one week prior to the collection day.

* Please be considerate of the village employees and do not place poison ivy, poison oak, briars, or thorny items in brush piles as severe allergic reactions are possible. Any piles containing these items will be rejected and not picked up.

* The following items are not allowed and will not be picked up: pine clippings, yard waste or any brush in containers, no bagged items, garbage, tree stump or roots, rocks, shrubs, leaves, grass clippings, garden materials, lumber, wire, rope or any other discarded trash.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is for residents within the village only, doing their own trimming. This is not a service for contractors hired by the homeowner. If you hire a contractor or landscaper, they are required to haul your brush away. If you have a tree(s) taken down by a contractor, they must haul all limbs and logs away.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by us and the taxpayers whose taxes provide this service. Please remember that this is a service and a privilege for living in the Village of Waynesfield. That said, the privilege can be revoked at any time deemed necessary if it is being abused or misused.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the Village Administrator at 419-568-4991, option 5.