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Limitations Upon Animals Within Village Corporation Limits

Ordinance 04-5-1, Passed July 26, 2004

WHEREAS, Council declares this enactment to be reasonable and necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare of the Village; and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the Village of Waynesfield, County of Auglaize, State of Ohio, to-wit:

Section I. No person shall keep, harbor, store, maintain or allow to graze any Farm Animals, Wild Animals or Fowl as defined in Section III within the corporation limits.

Section II. Any person keeping, harboring, storing, maintaining or allowing to graze such animal(s), as defined in Section III hereof, shall have thirty (30) days after receipt of a Notice of Violation to remove the animal(s) from the property or the Village will remove the animal(s) at the expense of the person owning, keeping, harboring, storing, maintaining or allowing to graze such animal(s).

Section III. As used in this Section;

1. “Farm Animals” means cows, bulls, goats, swine, sheep, horses, donkeys, cattle, llamas, emus, and all other Equidae, Bovidae and Suidae.

2. “Wild Animals” means bears, deer, wolves, foxes, skunks, raccoons, monkeys, apes, weasels, and any other animals that by its natures is not domesticated.

3. “Fowl” means chickens, ducks, geese, roosters, pheasants, turkeys, peacocks, guinea hens and all other wild or domestic fowls.

Section IV. Anyone found guilty of violating this Ordinance shall be fined not less than Twenty-five and 00/100 dollars, ($25.00) nor more than One Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($100.00) for each offense. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.

**The grandfather clause only pertains to two properties in the Village of Waynesfield, thus will not be mentioned here. The official ordinance does outline the regulations for grandfathered properties.

Ordinance 04-5-1, Passed July 26, 2004