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 BE IT ORDAINED, by the  Council of the Village of Waynesfield, County of Auglaize, State of Ohio  to wit:

SECTION I. THAT THE FOLLOWING rules and regulations for the operation of Special Vehicles be in force in the Village of Waynesfield:

SECTION II. For purposes of this section, special vehicles include snowmobiles and all purpose vehicles; “SNOWMOBILES” and “ALL PURPOSE VEHICLE” have the same meanings as given those terms in Ohio Revised Code Section 4519.01.

SECTION III. (A) No person who does not hold a valid, current vehicle or chauffeur’s license, motorcycle operator’s endorsement, or probationary license, issued under chapter 4507 of the Revised Code, shall operate a snowmobile or all purpose vehicle on any street or highway within the Village of Waynesfield, on any portion of the right-of-way thereof, or on any public land.

(B) No person who is less than sixteen years of age shall operate a snowmobile or all purpose vehicles on any land within the Village of Waynesfield other than private property owned by or leased to such person’s parent or guardian, unless accompanied by another person who is eighteen years of age or older, and who holds a license as provided in (A) of this section.

SECTION IV. The applicable provisions of Chapters 4511 and 4549 of the Ohio Revised Code shall be applied to the operation of Snowmobiles and all purpose vehicles, except that no snowmobile or all purpose vehicle shall be operated as follows:

  1. On any limited access highway or freeway or the right-of-way thereof, except for emergency travel only during such time and in such manner as director of highway safety shall designate;
  2. On any private property, or in any nursery or planting area without the permission of the owner or other person having the right of possession of the property;
  3. On any land or water controlled by the state, except at those locations where a sign has been posted permitting such operation.
  4. On the tracks or right-of-way of any operated railroad;
  5. While transporting any firearm, bow or any implement for hunting, that is not unloaded and securely encased;
  6. For the purpose of chasing, pursuing, capturing, or killing an animal or wildfowl;
  7. During the time from one-half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise, unless displaying lighted lights as required by Section 4519.20 of the Revised Code.

SECTION V. (WINTER OPERATION) Snowmobiles and all purpose vehicles being used for winter travel may be operated as follows:

  1. To make a crossing of a highway, other than a highway designated in Division (A) of section 4519.40 of the Revised Code, whenever the crossing can be made in safety and will not interfere with the movement of vehicular traffic approaching from any direction on the highway, and provided that the operator yields the right of way to any approaching traffic that presents an immediate hazard;
  2. On highways in the county and township road systems whenever the local authority having jurisdiction over such highways so permits.
  3. Off and alongside street or highway for limited distances from the point of unloading from a conveyance to the point at which the snowmobile or all purpose vehicle is intended and authorized to be operated;
  4. On the berm or shoulder of a highway, other than a highway as designated in division (A) of section 4519.40 of the Revised Code, when the terrain permits such operation to be undertaken safely and without the necessity of entering any traffic lane.

SECTION VI. That whoever violates any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00).


1st Reading                                2nd Reading                                3rd Reading

(08/27/84)                                 (09/24/84)                                    (10/22/84)

VOTE:                       D. Chiles –    yes                        D. Chiles –     yes                        D. Chiles –     yes

J. Chiles –     yes                        J.  Chiles –      yes                        J. Chiles –     yes

Gilroy –    yes                              Gilroy –          yes                          Gilroy –     yes

Helmlinger –     yes                  Helmlinger-   yes                        Helmlinger-     yes

Wilcox –     yes                            Wilcox –         yes                          Wilcox –     yes

Zimmerman-     yes                Zimmerman-  yes                       Zimmerman –  yes